" If you do get multiple estimates and one was significantly lower than the other(s), it’s probably because some part of the repair was overlooked. Compare the estimates line by line. Webster defines estimate as “a rough or approximate calculation.” Often it’s initially impossible to estimate collision damage without dismantling the vehicle."

Tires - the only thing between you and the road

All Season Tires


They can be left on the car year round. They are better in snow than highway tires but not a whole lot better.

They aren’t as good on dry pavement as a highway tires and aren’t as good in snow as snow tires.

Snow Tires


They grip very well in fresh snow and better than all season tires in packed snow. They last longer than ice tires.


They should be changed out in the summer, they don’t do well on ice and if you sell your car you usually can’t use them on your next car.


Regardless of if you’re going to use snow tires or not this winter, be sure your tires have good tread. If your tires are worn, now is the time to have them replaced.

A Tire replacement Guide

A good starting point in any discussion about tires is; when should they be replaced? The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 109 was implemented in 1968. Among other things, it required that “wear bars” be molded into the tire tread to show when the tread wore down to 2/32 of an inch. When the wear bar is even with the tread the tires are considered to be worn out. Another way to measure tread depth is the old penny test. Here you hold a penny in the tread with Lincoln’s head toward the center. If all of old Abe’s head can be seen, the tread is 2/32” or less.

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