"The law states further that an insurance company CANNOT: Require appraisals or repairs be made by a specified repair business. Use inducement by incentives or disincentives to persuade an insured or claimant to use a particular repair facility except that the insurance company’s guarantee is not considered inducement by incentive. Misinform an insured or claimant to induce the use of a particular repair business "

Exhaust System

Exhaust System performs multiple functions

    A vehicle’s exhaust system has many functions. First and foremost it directs the hot and toxic gases of combustion away from the occupants and out by the rear of the vehicle. Secondly the catalytic converter removes pollutants. A three way catalytic converter reduces nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen. It oxidizes carbon monoxide changing it to carbon dioxide and it oxidizes unburned hydrocarbons to create water and carbon dioxide Also the muffler quiets the noise created by combustion in the engine. If you have been to the drag strip you know what a vehicle with no muffler sounds like.

  "Cats" are expensive
An original equipment catalytic converter can be quite expensive Often the cost of the cat itself is in the neighborhood of $1000.00 Aftermarket converters are less expensive but acceptable if they are the right capacity and design for the vehicle

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