What is the difference between the estimate and the repair order?
The dictionary defines an estimate as “a rough or approximate calculation only”. Often it is initially impossible to estimate collision damage without dismantling the vehicle. The repair order is an actual blueprint of the repairs listing parts, labor, and other relevant items. A repair order can only be finalized upon the completion of repairs.

Cooling System

General Description

    A vehicle’s cooling system is designed to dissipate the heat created by combustion and keep the engine running at an optimal temperature for good fuel economy. The heat is dissipated to the atmosphere through the radiator and to the passenger department through the heater when the heat is turned on. This is why if a vehicle starts to run too hot, turning on the heater will sometimes bring the temperature down.
    The main components of the cooling system are the radiator, water pump, thermostat, cooling fan, heater, hoses and the coolant liquid.


     Cooling system maintenance is extremely important because failure of any component could cause severe overheating and expensive engine damage. As antifreeze gets old, the rust inhibitors begin to separate out into solids which in turn can clog the radiator. As the lubricating qualities in the antifreeze begin to wear out, the water pump can begin to leak. With age, the hoses will begin to split from the inside. This isn’t apparent from a visual inspection unless they are bulging, but by squeezing the hose, an interior crack or softness may be discovered. Regular inspection of the cooling system and flushing the coolant every 30, 000 to 60,000 miles is essential to the reliability of the system.

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