"Safety in a vehicle comes from two areas.

One is the safety of the vehicle’s construction known as crashworthiness.
The other area comes from a vehicle’s safety features that include air bags, anti-lock brakes, seat belts, traction control, head restraints, daytime running lights and child passenger equipment. "

Air conditioning and Climate control

    Lubrication is Critical R-134a is an efficient refrigerant but its ability to transport lubricant through the AC system diminishes as the pressure in the AC system drops. In other words if the system doesn’t have a full charge the compressor won’t get sufficient lubrication and could fail. If the air conditioner doesn’t seem cold enough, it could mean the charge is low. When the compressor fails, it shoots a lot of metal shavings into the system, making it necessary to replace many parts. An AC repair after a compressor failure is almost always more than $1000. If your air conditioner doesn’t feel cold enough, be sure to have the system checked for leaks.

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