" Either the repair shop or the insurance company’s adjustor will write the estimate and provide the owner with a copy and explain how the repairs will be done. There is no good reason to get multiple estimates except to waste your time."

Tips From the Body Shop

Select a body shop before you need one

     Also know your insurance rights in case of a fender bender, or worse

Just as most people find a doctor before they get sick, so should they select a body shop before an accident occurs.
    Too often, the search for a body shop occurs after the accident. Car accidents, even small ones, are traumatic. Dealing with the health and welfare of the people involved, not worrying about where to take your car, should be top priority.

What to do after an accident

    Steps to take after being hit

    Always carry proof of insurance, registration and your driver’s license.
You are not required to get more than one estimate.
    If you do get multiple estimates and one was significantly lower than the other(s), it is probably because some part of the repair was overlooked. Compare the estimates line by line. Remember, an estimate is only an estimate of repair, not a bid. Any unseen damage will be discovered upon disassembly and the estimate will be re-written to include the additional repairs.

If you wreck your car

    If you’ve been in a collision, tell your insurance company for your own protection, even if injuries are not readily apparent. Informing the company doesn’t mean you’re filing a claim.

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