Our shop is affiliated with every major industry association including:
The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR), founded in 1979, is a not-for-profit international training organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety and efficiency of auto collision repair. ASE-Certifying agency for automotive repair and correction. Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) is an association of auto body repair and paint shops that fosters greater Industry professionalism and excellence.

Know Your Repair Rights
As per Regulation 64

    The law states further that an insurance company CANNOT:

  • Require appraisals or repairs be made by a specified repair business.
  • Use inducement by incentives or disincentives to persuade an insured or claimant to use a particular repair facility except that the insurance company’s guarantee is not considered inducement by incentive.
  • Misinform an insured or claimant to induce the use of a particular repair business

    The law states that an insurer SHALL:

  • Orally or in writing disclose to an insured or claimant that they may freely choose any repair business
  • Assume all reasonable costs sufficient to pay for the insured’s or claimant’s repairs less any applicable deductible or reduction for comparative negligence

        Insurance companies may offer you repair facilities other than Laser Frame and Body Repair because we are not currently involved in their Direct Repair Program. The insurance company may tell you that if you do not use one of their repair facilities on their direct repair program, they will not guarantee the repairs. Insurance companies do not repair vehicles; therefore a guarantee from a reputable repair company, with longevity, is what you should require.

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