"The law states that an insurer SHALL: Orally or in writing disclose to an insured or claimant that they may freely choose any repair business Assume all reasonable costs sufficient to pay for the insured’s or claimant’s repairs less any applicable deductible or reduction for comparative negligence"

Collision Repair Process

The Steps Taken To Repair Your Vehicle

     Estimate is written by the insurance company or by the repair shop and approved by the insurance company, self payer or third party.


  • Initial parts order is made
  • Disassembly of the vehicle to determine any hidden damage
  • Revision of estimate to include any additional damage and presentation of revised estimate (known as a supplement) to the insurance company or self payer is contacted for approval
  • Re-inspection by the insurance company may be required
  • Approval of estimate by the insurance company
  • Supplemental parts order is made
  • Sheet metal usually cannot be air freighted so sometimes a parts order will take 3 days
  • Frame/Unibody repair, if needed is performed first
  • Suspension repair, if needed, is done next. If the state of disassembly isn’t too great, an alignment is done at this         time. If the vehicle doesn’t align correctly, diagnosis is done to determine what the additional damage is. The insurance     company is notified
  • Sheet metal and inner structure repair and replacement are completed
  • Paint is applied to the inner structure
  • Other sheet metal (hood, fenders, doors, trunk, etc) are installed
  • Blended panels are prepared by removing all trim and hardware
  • In Paint, one day is needed to prep and prime and the next day painted
  • Reassembly is completed, depending on the size of the job this takes between two and eight hours
  • Alignment if needed or not already done is performed at this time
  • Test drive is done
  • Cleaning and final inspection are performed and all repaired items are inspected and approved
  • When it has passed inspection the customer is emailed or called notifying them the vehicle is ready to pick up


    Repair Process

    How do I set up my rental car?

  • If you would like us to set up your rental car, please let us know.
  • If you set up your own rental, please make sure the insurance company paying for your repairs has approved rental coverage. Give them the claim number, which shop you have selected to do the repairs and the date/time you will drop your vehicle at the body shop.
  • If you need special items installed in a rental vehicle, the rental car company will need to be informed at the time the reservation is made. Please be aware that rental car employees cannot install child car seats or your handicapped equipment.
  • Please have a credit card and valid driver’s license with you.

    What kind of rate will the rental car company give me if I don’t have rental coverage?

         Charges begin at $22 per day. We suggest, for peace of mind, that you check with your insurance company or agent to decide if you’re adequately covered in your rental.

    Phone numbers
    in New Rochelle

  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car – (914) 632-6622‎
  • Hertz – (914) 633-0643‎

    Is the estimate a final bill?

        A damage appraisal done before tear down is ONLY an estimate. Any additional damage found after tear down will be reported to either the insurance company or in the case of a customer paying directly, to the customer for approval on the additional charges.

    When will my car be done?
        An estimate of repair time will be given at the time of drop off. However many factors beyond the shops control will change the time frame such as:


  • Hidden damage
  • Parts availability
  • Insurance re-inspection
  • Customer authorization

    At Drop Off

  • Garage door openers
  • Parking permits
  • Valuables
  • Items in your vehicle that obstruct any area of repair

    How much time should I allow when I drop off my vehicle at the shop?

    15-20 minutes to perform the check in process

    How much time should I allow to set up my rental car?

    30-45 minutes

    What other issues do I need to make the shop aware of?

    Any changes in who will be paying for the repairs, preferably before dropping off.

  • You know your vehicle better than anyone. If there is a repair problem that you feel is accident related, please bring it to our attention.
  • Please inform us if you would like service or mechanical repairs performed.

    How and when will I be kept informed of the repair process?

  • We will contact you by your preference of either phone or email
  • You may email us at laser100@optonline.net for repair status
  • You may call us at 914.632.8100
  • You will be contacted when your vehicle is completed

    What do I need to bring when I pick up my vehicle?

  • You will be called when your vehicle is completed
  • You may sign your insurance check over to the shop
  • Full payment is due for self or third party payments
  • Any deductible owed is due
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